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Intuition or What is Right

I’ve been pondering the problem that is Z (rather like the old Sound of Music melody of Maria~How do you solve a problem like Maria?). While Ride the Right Horse did give me further insight into the mind of a … Continue reading

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long discourse on liberty work

One reason that I raise my eyebrows and roll my eyes with Big Name Trainers is their adherence to rules. It seems to be “do only this” when in reality, horses are individualistic animals which dictate a flexible and adaptable … Continue reading

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Some for me; some for you

We all make mistakes and I wouldn’t want mine held against me so it’s not fair for me to hold it against Z either. Yesterday, after the bucking episode I used the roundpen to get her to stay at the … Continue reading

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Z bucked me off today. I am not surprised because I knew she was getting mad about this whole issue of being mounted. This is just her – because she has this strong will of what she wants to do … Continue reading

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learning models

Due to circumstances, it was needed that I homeschool our son during two different years of his schoollife. Because he is learning disabled, I quickly had real life experiences of how children learn differently One popular model with homeschoolers is … Continue reading

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