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Irritations as a barn manager

I’ve been on both sides of the equation – a boarder and a barn manager. I’ve also been #1 poop scooper. While boarders can complain (and are often justified to do so), there are also justifiable complaints on the side … Continue reading

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Irritations as a boarder

Here’s a list of common irritates to me that I’ve found at a variety of barns. I’ll be skipping the outright incompetence issues (i.e. feeding a horse moldy hay) and just detail things people can fix. BTW this isn’t particularly … Continue reading

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Dealing with Spooks and Inattention

How this played out is that she would bow away from the scary place, pushing her shoulder into me, while keeping an eye out for more bogeyman. This body position allows a sideways escape plan from Scary Thing. This tells … Continue reading

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Powertool Pony

When we were working on the fence, once again Pandora showed her fascination with power tools. Continue reading

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