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mimicking communication

After reading Gallop to Freedom (Pignon) it got me thinking about using more mimicking play in my work with the horses. Pignon writes about how he will experiment with imitating the horses to see how they respond. While I’ve done a … Continue reading

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Roundpen work for ZZ

Before the rain hit (yes, it is indeed raining again!), I got some time to play with horses yesterday. After months of working with ZZ with leading exercises, clicker training and lots of getting-to-know-each-other and what-I-allow-and-what-I-don’t, I thought we would … Continue reading

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The Art of Alchemy

Often then not, I feel like I’m an Alchemist of old trying to figure out how to turn lead into gold, and mine the secret of the horses’ nature. I may see others getting gold, but some of it is false, … Continue reading

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Pony gets the c(l)ue!

Something I forgot to post about today – I think Pandora has figured out that I want her to lie down! We did some arena work. To get there I had to go into the field where Caspian is temporarily. … Continue reading

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Simon Says with Pony

I missed the moment when I let pony out to the sandy arena, so I also missed a good opportunity to catch her rolling.  This is the new behavior I’m trying to catch and reinforce with clicker training. When we were … Continue reading

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