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Defining Feel and Learning to Fly

You reach a point in your life, age-wise, that you have a lot to look back on- the same amount to look forward too, and the present seems a weird way-station of a train leaving with a train arriving. In … Continue reading

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Mindfulness: Horse Meditation

Like I had written in an earlier post in this series, trainers who have success have an intent focus on the horse during the training process. This mindfulness – awareness of the moment – translates to the horse who reciprocates with full attention. The two of you synch and the dancing magic begins…. Continue reading

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My thoughts on my riding lessons

When we are learning to ride, it’s a linear approach. There are certain skills the beginner needs to know – bridling, saddling, grooming the horse, the aids and it’s application. During this time, we are learning the basics of our … Continue reading

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Two States Cannot Exist

Hmmm I just read this, while researching a different subject then horses… Milton Erickson, for example, often used a technique called confusion, in which he said things that on the surface seemed logically contradictory and yet in essence conveyed an … Continue reading

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