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New Hay Feeder for the Stall

I’ve been wanting to have a hay feeder built for the horses and took advantage of the good weather, as well as hubby’s recovery, to have him whip this up. The grid is a 2′ x 4′ grid with 2″ … Continue reading

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mouth update and more fence down

It’s been two months (about 10 weeks) since BigT got kicked in the mouth by his girl, Z. Here is what it looked like right after the fight: Sorry for the blur, he really didn’t want his mouth handled that day … Continue reading

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ground driving 2-lines

I’ve been working with Z on ground driving. We started with one line and have graduated with two, but are still working on walk, move on, halt, back and turn cues in the round pen.

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Barn Design: loafing shed off side of barn

It’s not uncommon in this area to have one large barn with a lean-to or loafing shed built off the side. From a distance, note the right roofline of the barn. This is the loafing shed area with the main … Continue reading

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Barn Design: my favorite gate latch

This is my all-time favorite gate latch – it can be opened and closed with one hand, which allows you to carry hay or a bucket without putting anything on the ground and swings both directions.

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