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There is a huge, and I mean huge, trap-like covering laid out in the commons. It’s some sort of business banner that’s about the size of a billboard. Z, who has never been walked over a tarp, dragged me over … Continue reading

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mimicking communication

After reading Gallop to Freedom (Pignon)┬áit got me thinking about using more mimicking play in my work with the horses. Pignon writes about how he will experiment with imitating the horses to see how they respond. While I’ve done a … Continue reading

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Freedom: Horse-led and Deciders

I’ve written before about Horse-led activities vs. Human-led activities when interacting with your horse. Horse-Led means that the horse determines the game, the length of the interaction, is able to disengage and leave, and overall provides the horse (within the … Continue reading

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Intuition or What is Right

I’ve been pondering the problem that is Z (rather like the old Sound of Music melody of Maria~How do you solve a problem like Maria?). While Ride the Right Horse did give me further insight into the mind of a … Continue reading

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I want to PLAY!!!

After riding the Big Guy today, I stripped him of tack and put him in the dirt arena. I usually let him roll – and BTW he can now roll to his spine, all four feet in the air, but … Continue reading

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