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Reflections on Z’s horse training

Perhaps one of the things that irritate me the most about the horse community is the rigid thinking. The idea that there is only one way to do something with horses and if you don’t do it your mentor’s way … Continue reading

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When Love Hurts…

Z has gone back to attacking BigT. The BO had gone into the pasture to pet BigT and Z slowly walked up, turned and doublebarreled him as calmly as if she was asking for the time. Here’s the issue, as I … Continue reading

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Continuing ZZ’s education in a roundpen

When I got to the barn the horses all ignored me. I let Pandora out to the alley and opened the gate so Big Guy and Little Girl could be together, then went to clean the pony paddock. About the … Continue reading

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Experimentation and Learning Lessons from ZZ

Buying ZZ was a calculated risk. I was interested in learning from a young, untried horse and this last year has been full of new adventures, some setbacks and many suprises. She continues to blossom and unfold into her own … Continue reading

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Dealing with Spooks and Inattention

How this played out is that she would bow away from the scary place, pushing her shoulder into me, while keeping an eye out for more bogeyman. This body position allows a sideways escape plan from Scary Thing. This tells … Continue reading

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