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How Dominate Horses are Not like Other Horses

I’m dealing with a certain issue with Z that I want to change. When she comes down from a walk to a halt, or trot to a walk, she raises her head and inverts her back. Obviously this isn’t desirable … Continue reading

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Boundaries with the Dominant Horse

This will be a controversial topic. However, here it is and again, I make no apologies for what I’m going to write though it may displease some. Before you read what I have to say here be sure you have … Continue reading

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Reflections on Z’s horse training

Perhaps one of the things that irritate me the most about the horse community is the rigid thinking. The idea that there is only one way to do something with horses and if you don’t do it your mentor’s way … Continue reading

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“She’s not like other people’s grandmothers….”┬áReuben Starkadder, Cold Comfort Farm Over the course of my ownership of Z, it’s been hard to convince people about her personality. Memorably, was the time I was in the Carolyn Resnick online clinic and … Continue reading

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3rd trailer session

After all the bro-haha of the second trailer loading session, I really didn’t know what I was going to get Session 3. I felt bad – did I overstep the line in making Z work? She had seemed really pissed … Continue reading

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