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Karmic revenge is so sweet

While removing and transporting squirrels, I had to drive by one of the properties owned by Scylla and Charybdis – the two monsters I worked for when I managed the Hell Job as a Barn Manager. The pasture was in weeds … Continue reading

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toolbox training

Because I’ve been a bit testy lately in the blog, I think I will review some of the Big Name Trainers and how I personally use them (if I do) in my toolbox. Yes, I do sometimes have a Cafeteria … Continue reading

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groundwork seduction

More truth telling…. People who train and ride, fall into two broad camps when it comes to their attitude about groundwork training. The first camp, probably the majority of riders, do very little to none. They want to ride and don’t … Continue reading

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let’s talk realilty

This blog isn’t here to win a popularity contest – it’s simply for my own pleasure and if a few friends want to join in great. I enjoy reading everyone’s comments and definitely want to remain open minded about other points … Continue reading

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Irritations as a boarder

Here’s a list of common irritates to me that I’ve found at a variety of barns. I’ll be skipping the outright incompetence issues (i.e. feeding a horse moldy hay) and just detail things people can fix. BTW this isn’t particularly … Continue reading

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